We are a group of enthusiastic student supporters of the charity Hope for Children, a small charity with huge impacts around the world, not only for the people it supports, but for the people involved as well!

Hope for Children exists to help orphaned, poor, exploited and other marginalised children in developing countries and in the UK. They are a non-sectarian, non-political and not-for-profit organisation that provides crucial support to children who really need it.

At HOPE Soc, we aim to raise crucial awareness about issues of child poverty around the world and the life changing work that Hope for Children do to counter this, especially in East Africa. We're also here to support any student fundraisers on challenges for Hope for Children, such as the Kilimanjaro Legacy trek and the Athens Marathon.

Hope For Children

Hope for Children is an international charity that passionately believes every child has the right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood.

Almost half of the world’s children are vulnerable and living in poverty. We are changing this by making a safe and fulfilling childhood a reality for more of the world’s children.

We are improving their access to education and healthcare, empowering their families to support themselves whilst developing their confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly we are giving them hope.
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